When you’re remortgaging you can also raise additional borrowing for things like:

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🛁 This could be for things like a new kitchen or bathroom

🏚 You could borrow to extend the property by adding another bedroom, though make sure you have planning permission for this though

🏘. If you’re in a leasehold property you could borrow to extend the term of the lease

💷 Buying a freehold title

💳 Paying off your Help to Buy equity loan in full

💰 Buying land joined or separate to your property

🤝 Buying out a partners share of the mortgage

Buying or financing a buy to let or a second home
remortgage broker

💷. Raise the deposit needed for your next property purchase

🏦 Cover improvement works to your buy to let property or a second residence/Holiday home

🏖 Deposit or the full amount required for a property abroad

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Debt consolidation
remortgage deals

💳 Consolidate your credit card and loans into one payment

💸 Reduce your monthly payments to make things more manageable

⚖️ The interest rate on a mortgage will be substantial lower than things like credit card and personal loans so you will save significant amounts

Other reasons could include
remortgage house and borrow more

👩🏽‍🎓 School fees

📝 Divorce settlement

🚗 Car purchase

Think carefully before securing unsecured debt like credit cards and loans to your property as it will then form part of your mortgage and therefore secured on your home.

It is highly recommended after consolidating all consolidated loans and credit cards are closed to avoid repeat borrowing.

Read on to find out how much you can borrow and how mortgage lenders decide this in “How much can I borrow”

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