So you’ve been a homeowner now for several years and it’s time to move onto your next home. 

Typically we move every 7 years to a new home and this can be or a variety of reasons such as, 

  • Starting a family- so the need for more bedrooms or to be closer to schools
  • Upsizing due to higher income and equity- moving out of that 1 bed flat you started out in
  • Relocating for work- cut down your commute by being closer to work
  • Downsizing, now the kids have left why not release that equity back to yourself and have a smaller property to maintain
mortgage broker helps

The first thing you should do is engage with a mortgage broker who can talk you through the options available to you as regulations, lender criteria and affordability options change every week sometimes so get up to date on your options as things currently stand. 

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If you’re had a mortgage for a while now and no credit problems then you’re likely to have a good to an excellent credit score but it’s always important to check this prior to a mortgage application if it’s been a while since your last check. 

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Another option could be to try and hold onto your current property and turn it into a buy to let. This is called 👉🏽 let to buy and check here to find out more

The experienced mortgage broker team at YourPropertyFinancial are well placed to help you buy your next home. 

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