Need to remortgage your Buy to let?

Current rates available starting from

2 year fixed: 4.59%*

3 year fixed: 5.77%*

5 year fixed: 4.98%*

2 year tracker: 5.47%*

*( Source: September 2023 Twenty7tec) These are example buy-to-let mortgage rates.

These are just some of the exclusive rates your mortgage broker will be able to access and of course there are more options all depending on your circumstance which your mortgage broker can help you with. Many of these rates are exclusive so contact us today to understand your options.

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When it comes to remortgaging your buy to let there are a variety of options available to you.

Firstly decide if you’re looking to just switch to a new rate as your current mortgage deal is expiring or if you want to raise extra funds to put towards buying another property or completing home improvements to improve the rentability of the property.

Once your mortgage rate ends you need to get a new mortgage otherwise you will revert to your lender’s standard variable rate (SVR) and that is usually many times higher than the rate you were paying, which means your payments could rise dramatically. 

So you now need to remortgage your property finances and now potentially you will be able to secure better terms

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A mortgage broker can help you by researching all the buy-to-let lenders and find the best terms for you depending on your circumstance and requirements.

When you remortgage it is a chance to refresh your mortgage and overall property finances and make sure you’re set up correctly for the next several years.

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